Did you know your brain is
your secret super power?

Sabina Brennan - Sabrina Brennan

Hello, my name is Sabina Brennan, I’m a
health psychologist, neuroscientist and best-selling
author. I’m on a mission to help millions of
people all over the world enjoy the benefits of
having a Super Brain.

Would you like your brain to be quicker, sharper, better? Would you like to enjoy life more, be happier and be more resilient in the face of challenge including injury and diseases like dementia?

I believe everyone has a super brain ready and waiting to be unleashed. You can transform your everyday brain into a super brain by developing a few simple habits. Your head holds the most complex structure in the known universe.

I’ll hazard a guess you’re not maximising it’s potential. I will show you how to unlock its super power. It’s easy once you know how. My brain health techniques work for people of all abilities, ages and stages in life.

Once you unleash your super brain so many opportunities will open up; for your work life, your home life and even for your sex life. If you are into the idea of becoming super happy, super positive, super quick, super sexy and super resilient, it all starts with developing a healthy Super Brain.

Are you ready to unlock
your super you?


100 Days to a Younger Brain

Maximise your memory, boost your Brain Health and Defy Dementia.

“A couch to 10K for your brain… Everyone should buy this book”
Emerald Street

“Draws on the latest scientific research to suggest simple daily changes to improve brain health”
The Times

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“Packed with essential information”
The Outlook – New Delhi

Irish Catholic

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Beating Brain Fog

Your 30-day plan to think

Beating Brain Fog takes your symptoms seriously, and shows that you don’t have to live with them.


“A Brilliant New Book”
Good Housekeeping

‘In this fascinating book neuroscientist Dr Sabina Brennan enters into a world so many of us can relate to, yet few dare discuss. A must-read.’
Dr Harry Barry, Best-selling author Anxiety and Panic and Emotional Healing

‘A real game-changer. Do your brain a favour and read this book.’
Dermot Whelan, comedian, television and radio presenter

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Sabina Brennan - Sabrina Brennan

Super Brain.
The Podcast for Everyone with a Brain

Sabina Brennan talks to an eclectic mix of inspiring guests about thriving and surviving in life. In addition, Sabina injects a weekly booster shot packed with practical tips to transform your everyday brain into a healthy, happy, Super Brain.




Sabina Brennan - Sabrina Brennan
Sabina Brennan - Sabrina Brennan
Sabina Brennan - Sabrina Brennan

Wellness & Workshops

Inspire your team to unleash their super power.

Internationally recognised brain health expert and thought leader Dr Sabina Brennan’s life-changing techniques transform everyday brains into super brains. The most advanced artificial intelligence endeavours to simulate but cannot replicate the glorious magnificence of the human brain.

Dr Brennan’s talks and workshops harness cutting edge neuroscience to reveal the secrets of the most underused resource on the planet – the human brain. Give your workforce the edge, invest in brain health.

Dr Brennan also offers one-to-one consultations on brain health, brain fog and stress management.

To discuss your event or book a one-to-one consultation (in person or online) contact:


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Clients include:

Corporate: Accenture, Alltech, Birketts, Dentons, Ernst and Young, Indeed, Novartis, Merk, WayFair, Weirs, We Work, and more

Government: Irish Development Authority, Department of Foreign Affairs (Irish Government), Science Foundation Ireland, Health Services Executive, Various County and City Councils & The Scottish Care Inspectorate

NGO’s: European Multiple Sclerosis Platform, Alzheimer Society, Migraine Association, Alone, University of the Third Age, Age and Opportunity, Rehab, How To Academy and more

“Dr Sabina Brennan is like a personal trainer for the brain.”

“In-depth knowledge and deep expertise in Brain Health was incredibly valuable for working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.”
Ernst and Young

“Brilliantly engaged the audience as the volume of complimentary emails from audience members testified.”
How To Academy

Sabina Brennan - Sabrina Brennan
Sabina Brennan - Sabrina Brennan


Dr Sabina Brennan



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